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WebCAPE - Language Placement Exam

Perpetual Technology Group is the administrator of WebCAPE (Computer Adaptive Placement Exam). WebCAPE helps schools to evaluate students' language fluency so they can be placed into correct language courses. WebCAPE is an effective and accurate testing program that is easy and affordable to use for any institution.

How Computer Adaptive Placement Exams Works

State-of-the-Art Computer Testing

Computer-adaptive placement exams use state-of-the-art computer testing techniques to accurately and efficiently place students in the appropriate college language courses.

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Evaluate Individual Proficiency

WebCAPE can also evaluate individual proficiency levels. This allows to test fluency to satisfy multiple needs.

Adapts to Determine the Student’s Competency Level

WebCAPE selects each test item as a result of the answer to the previous question. This means the test adapts to the student’s level of ability and accurately determines the students competency level in an average of 30 minutes.


Provides Immediate Feedback

Test-takers are able to see their score upon completion of the exam. This allows test administration and supervision to be greatly simplified. The exam provides the instructions, branching, scoring, and reporting.

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