Mandi L. Przybyla

Mandi Przybyla received her B.S. in Elementary Education with a TESL minor. She has taught 4th grade for 4 years. She enjoys being a mother, traveling and water skiing. Mandi is responsible for the day to day interaction with customers.

David G. Przybyla

David is an accomplished entrepreneur. He has held a variety of management and hiring manager positions at multiple industry-leading companies and has applied his knowledge to Perpetual Technology Group. David has lead international organizations to growing success, including his role as Managing Director in Bangkok, Thailand. David has taught multiple skill development courses for over two years at Provo College and is currently on the advisory board for the online college, Stevens Henegar. He is an active member of numerous professional associations, such as IEEE, ITS, ACTFL, and CALICO, among others, and uses this experience when training clients. David is an accomplished motivational speaker and personal branding consultant. When David isn’t working on a new endeavor you can find him traveling around the world.

Dmitri Slinkov
Software Development

Dmitri Slinkov received his B.S. in Information Technology from Brigham Young University. He is an experienced programmer, who has been on multiple state web development teams. His programming experience extends to many languages including: html, dhtml, php, cold-fusion, java, mysql, microsoft-sql, C and others. Dmitri is currently responsible for development of the web site, merchant services, on-line store & student exam checkout, database development and support.

Jeremiah Rundall
Technology Services

Jeremiah Rundall has 10 years in computer technology. His certifications include:: Cisco, Nortel, & Microsoft. He has managed multiple servers & operating systems. Jere is currently responsible for data backup and security, servers, technology and web standards.

Leon Przybyla

Leon “Priz” Przybyla received his B.S. in Microbiology and Chemistry at Brigham Young University. Priz was an entrepreneur for many years. He has been involved in over a dozen start-ups, including Priz Co., Priz International, Marich Confectionery Company, and others. He is a senior member and level III certified control system technician of the Instrument Society of America, as well as a Certified Professional Engineer in the state of California. His consulting expertise is priceless and he has a special background in sales. He is currently on a two year sabbatical in Malaysia.