A Newly Developed German Placement Exam

German is the most widely spoken native language in the European Union with 100 million native speakers. It is also one of the major languages of the world. German is the second most common language behind English used in the sciences, and it is the third biggest contributor to research and development. It is also ranked fifth in terms of the annual publication of books, and it is the second most used language for content on websites. Thus the need for developing a test to assess current fluency levels of college students (and others) and their proper placement was imperative.

In terms of college enrollment, German only trails French and Spanish. In a 2009 MLA study, Spanish had 864,986 students enrolled, French had 216,419, and German had 96,349, ASL and Italian rounded out the top 5. Spanish, French and German enrollment make up for 70% of the total foreign language enrollment and the top five languages make up 80% of the total course enrollment. (MLA enrollment Survey, 2009).

While we witness the growth of other languages, German still holds strong for many people:

  • With around 80.2 Million people, Germany has the larges population in Europe.
  • 86% of adults aged 25-64 have completed at least upper secondary education.
  • Germany is Europe’s largest economy.
  • Germany is one of the worlds largest leading book publishers with wround 94,000 titles every year.
  • German webCAPE placement test is one of the premier placements tests for perspective German speakers

WebCAPE takes care of the sorting for your institution. Based on the facts above, we can safely assume students of all German proficiency levels will be coming to your colleges. WebCAPE quickly & efficiently measures and places them into an appropriate German course.