Why Choose to Measure Italian Proficiency?

  • Italy has a population of 60.6 million and is one of the most popular tourist attractions
  • Italian is the 5th most taught language
  • It is the 3rd most visited destination in Europe
  • Rome is the most visited city in Italy
  • Italian is spoken as a native language by 13 percent of Europe’s population

The WebCAPE takes care of the sorting for your institution. Based on the facts above, we can safely assume students of all Italian proficiency levels will be coming to your colleges. The WebCAPE quickly & efficiently measures and places them into an appropriate Italian course.


Developing a Language Placement Test for Italian

In 2012, David Skica of Loyola University approached BYU to join forces and develop an Italian WebCAPE.

When Jerry Larson, Ph.D., developed WebCAPE, he did it for the most commonly taught languages in high school–Spanish, French and German. Today those are still the most common languages, but language education in elementary, middle and high schools are shifting. As more languages are taught in schools, more placement testing is needed. It seems a week doesn’t go by when we get a request to develop another language placement exam. Trending today are: Chinese, Arabic and Portuguese. But, overwhelmingly for the past 10 years, the most common request has been for an Italian WebCAPE.

As cultural boundaries erode and international marriages grow, we are also seeing many students who have grown up mastering two languages since early childhood. The demand for accurate placement has never been higher. We would love to someday offer placement in many more languages. For now, we are happy to announce the Italian license was completed in November of 2017.

We would like to thank the many volunteers (and students) who have helped during our beta testing, including:

Ohio University
Fairfield University
Lake Erie College
Montclair State University
Southeastern Louisiana University
University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth
Gonzaga University

Please contact us if you would like to try the new WebCAPE Italian license.