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A Breakdown of Just a Few of the Many New Features Offered by WebCAPE 2.0 Coming This Summer.

Continued Features

As highlighted in our previous introduction email, WebCAPE has been operating for over 20 years, offering the education industry many unique features such as custom calibration, immediate and accurate language testing results, and custom pre-test surveys. These features will continue with the new platform along with many new features for test-takers and administrators, some of which are outlined below.


A peek into the redesigned look for test-taker registration.

Email verification will be an added feature to counteract false email addresses so institutions can control testing use.

A dashboard will be available to improve user-friendliness and organization and allow easy access to both old and new tests.

A view of the new-and-improved pre-test surveys, customizable by each institution in admin settings (shown later).

This new look continues with the tests, as shown in the example questions below. As an improvement to user experience, a progress bar will now be present across the top of the exam.

Test complete! In addition to the personalized note from the administrator (featured above), test-takers will receive a detailed score report to their dashboard with the ability to download and share.


Test-takers are not the only ones benefitted by the new features. Administrators will experience the same sign-in process for access to their own administrator dashboard to send links, view results, and easily organize all test-takers.

In addition to personal and general link invites to access to the exam, administrators will have the ability to create groups to help in the organization of classes, semesters, etc.

A predesigned email template will help save time by allowing quick email messaging.

Additional features within the administrator dashboard include the ability to update user settings,

organization settings,

and various customization settings such as calibration and surveys.

General Features

In addition to all these visual updates, improvements on the test throughout the rest of this year will also include:

  • American with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance
  • external API for score reports (Banner, LMS, etc.)
  • automated user registration and verification
  • improved item bank and psychometrics


We hope this helps give a glimpse into the exciting new changes coming this summer! More information regarding each feature and other features not highlighted in this email will be given during each institution’s transformation process to the new platform.

We would love to hear any feedback, suggestions, or questions regarding the new features. Please feel free to click here to fill out a survey, and we will respond as soon as possible.

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