WebCAPE 2.0 Update

A Full Release Coming Soon as We Continue to Utilize Beta Testing and Ensure the Best Quality Possible.

Thank you for your continued patience in the process of working out any, and all, kinks with the new WebCAPE 2.0 platform. We anticipate a finalized product ready for release soon!

Update Contact Information

In the event you missed our last email, please click here fill out the survey below to update your contact information so we are able to get in contact with the proper source once the exam is ready to go live. We want this transition to be as quick and easy as possible!

Transition Process

To be sure you know what to anticipate for the transition, we want to share what the process will look like. Below is an outline of what you can expect with the upcoming release of WebCAPE 2.0:

  1. Please click here fill out the survey below to select which month is best to transition your institution to the new platform. Each institution will be contacted a month prior to the selected month(s) to schedule the transition.
  2. User manuals and videos will be sent before beginning the transition to help institutions learn the basics of the new platform.
  3. Once the institution is ready, a 30-day trial period of WebCAPE 2.0 will begin. The new platform will become available to the faculty to gain familiarity with the new features. WebCAPE 1.0 will remain available for the testing of students until the institution is ready to make the full transition. Weekly webinars will be available to give walkthroughs and answer any questions.
  4. After the institution is comfortable with the new platform or the 30-day trial period ends, the institution will be full transitioned to WebCAPE 2.0. All data from WebCAPE 1.0 will be saved and sent to the institution, and access to WebCAPE 1.0 will no longer be made available. At this point, the institution has made the complete transition and all testing will be done on the WebCAPE 2.0 platform.


More information about finalized updates and pricing from beta testing will be sent soon! We are always open to questions or additional feedback. Please feel free to contact us at support@perpetualworks.com or 801-471-0883.

Perpetual Technology Group

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