We understand circumstances vary between businesses. For this reason, below is a general outline, but a personalized quote can be provided by filling out the contact form.


For-profit / businesses can prepay for exams as needed.

Cost to the institution includes:

  • $500 one-time license fee
  • $75 one-time optional short survey
  • $125 one-time optional long survey
  • $200 prepaid annual maintenance fee
  • $10 prepaid per exam

For example, if the institution desires 200 exams, the original invoice will be $2700. $500 for the one-time license fee, $200 for the prepaid annual maintenance fee, and $10 prepaid per exam. Each year, the invoice will include the $200 prepaid annual maintenance fee, however, the exams rollover each year until all are exhausted, at which point, institutions can purchase more.