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Annual Renewal Fee:

Maintenance Fee $200
0 – 350 Exams $350
351+ Exams $500


With tests for varying levels of comprehension in Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese and ESL, webCAPE is being used in more than 400 institutions throughout the United States and in a growing number of international schools. Through this online service, students and professors quickly benefit from the capabilities webCAPE provides.


Foreign language education is continuing to grow in K-12 and the demand to quickly identify language learning acquisition is likewise increasing. Many schools are faced with a number of language learning questions they don’t have answers to, such as:

  • Acquisition – Is a student ready to move on
  • Confidence – How to show students they have increased their language acquisition?
  • College Prep – How prepared students are for college level placement?
  • Patterns – How can learning patterns be identified?
  • Heritage Speakers – How to place native language speakers in the right class
  • Standardize Classes – How can a language curriculum become standardized?


Computerized Adaptive Placement Exams (CAPEs) use state-of-the-art computer testing techniques to accurately and efficiently accomplish your school’s foreign language goals. CAPE selects each subsequent test question based on a student’s answer to the previous question. When the student answers an item correctly, a more difficult question is presented; if an item is answered incorrectly, an easier question is given. In short, the test “adapts” to the student’s level of understanding and will accurately determine the student’s competency level in 30 minutes.


  • Test taking is reduced to 30 minutes because it customizes to the student’s understanding.
  • Boredom and frustration are diminished by eliminating items too easy or too difficult.
  • Feedback is available immediately on-line.
  • Test administration and supervision are greatly simplified.
  • Instructions, branching, scoring, and reporting are handled exclusively through the software.
  • Class efficiency is improved as students are placed according to their language level.
  • Software is well known and used extensively among 400 institutions throughout the U.S.
  • Languages include: Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, ESL. Learning levels customized for each individual institution.


“We use the CAPE exams as pre-test/placement tests at the beginning of the year. The test helps us mostly with the native or heritage speakers in placing them in the correct courses. We also use the test at the end of the year as a post-test to show the students how they have progressed throughout the year.”

Paul Davis, MPSAZ

“We purchased the program a few years back because we were trying to assess our Spanish speaking students who are not necessarily literate. Every year we have new students register in our school. We have used this exam as a placement exam in order to appropriately place students. We have counselors in our system who place students in a first year class when they might have more success at a higher level. If we use the WEBCAPE we are able to see where they would be more successful. We are using it as a placement exam to meet the academic needs of our students”

Liana Clarkson, MPSAZ

Exams and Administration

Each exam covers

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Listening (ESL only)

The exams are completely online with nothing to install. Students can access the exams from any computer with internet. And even better, each school can customize the exam results to meet their individual needs.